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For new applications that will require a significant quantity of gas springs, we can provide design assistance via a computer simulation program.  Based upon input furnished by the client, the program allows us to locate the appropriate locations for the mounting hardware as well as the size and force of the gas spring that will best match the application.  This service is offered on a limited basis only.


The information required in order to perform a computer simulation includes:

  1. Weight (pounds) of the item to be rotated:  __________

  2. Center of gravity of the item to be rotated:  __________

  3. Opening angle required:  ___________

  4. Actual dimensions of the item to be rotated (inches):  __________

  5. Are there any mounting location restrictions, Yes:  _____  No  _____

    If Yes, what areas are not available for mounting:  _________

  6. Drawings or sketches of the application.


NOTE:  All dimensions are referenced to X – Y coordinates from the centerline of the pivot point.

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